Calvary Bible Church is blessed to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Our theme is stated by the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians:

2 Corinthians 4:5, ‘For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake” (NIV).

This fellowship acknowledges the Lord Jesus Christ as its Head, the Holy Scripture as the only infallible guide pertaining to matters of faith, church discipline and order, the Holy Spirit as its Teacher, and is not, and never shall be, under the jurisdiction or supervision of any other ecclesiastical body of any kind or nature whatsoever.


Pastor Keith DeLorme, Senior Pastor

Pastor Lee Thompson, Assistant Pastor


The government of the church, the conduct of its business, the management and supervision of its general work, no matter what that work may be, shall, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, be the sole responsibility of the Elders (1 Timothy 5:17).

All other leadership positions in the church fall under the authority and direction of the Elders. Deacons shall be appointed by the Elders for a three-year term to carry out the directives in areas of service to the needs of the Congregation.

Jim Halterman, Chairman

Pastor Keith DeLorme

Jim Phillips

Bob DeBlock

James Wilson

Dale Gyorfi


Jacob O’Neil, Chairman

Bruce Dunlop

Shane Simon

Jeff Symour

Robert Lowrie


Daniel Dugan, Music Director

Andrew DeLorme, Youth Director